Perfect Orange

Peeled spaces catalogue text about work of Attila Csörgő - Goethe Institute, Budapest

"the wonder of science is a sure thing"

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How Penrose-drawings were made?

"This text is about the geometry of Penrose-drawings."

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About IFS

How IFS-drawings were made?

"IFS means Iterated Function System. This is a description of an iterated function system mainly for novices in math."

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What is an idea in art?

Lecture, Marseille, 2000, in Conference

" I did not want choose. I did not want the best, the exceptional. I wanted to make all."

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Art theory

text of catalogue / 1999

" I knew the habits of a strange world, I learnt its language, I wear its costumes, eat its foods. But I did not become a Chinese, as Marco Polo did not."

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Self-painting paintings

New paintings of Endre Koronczi - New Art, 1993

"And finally: are these pictures paintings?"

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