Size Invariances

2018, Budapest, Magyarország, Gallery Magyar Műhely

Any articulation of human thinking, such as the mechanisms of the creation processes of visual arts, cannot lack the use of an order or measure. We utilize countless tools of reference systems in order to create works of art, which can be time-length measurement, weight comparison or other standards-based units used for measurements. But these rate and scale systems usually dissolve while being used, or they are not consciously present in the final product.

In view of the above, the thematic idea is an exhibition, where the works of art address the mentioned phenomenon. They may indirectly relate to it by utilizing the principle of operation of a measuring device, or they visualize de facto a standards-based measurement system of our culture. (showing the scales of more familiar measuring instruments in the work of art, math-based scale systems, programming language, set of operations based on algorithms, templates, standards, designs etc.) 

István Antal, József Tamás Balázs, Károly Elekes, Balázs Faa , Előd Izsák, Hunor Pető, Csongor Szigeti, Szabolcs Süli-Zakar, Szilvia Anett Takács , István Zakariás 

Curator: István Zakariás