2018, Eger, Hungary, Templom Gallery


The aim of the exhibition is to show visual works, experiments that use typography as main means of expression.

Typography has become an indispensable component of visual culture in recent years. It became principal after having a background, serving role, taking a universal presence that can be well connected to other visual contents. It appears in functional graphics as in autonomous artistic experiments or in forms resulting from new technologies researching visual revival.

In 2018, the exhibition is realized by the cooperation of departments, workshops in graphic design in Hungarian higher education. The selection is organized around the concepts SYNCHRONY/ ASYNCHRONY, with particular attention to the simultaneity of things, the possibility and necessity of continuous dialogue. All this is implemented as black-and-white works, where the typographical element is an expressive, dominant form. Apart from that, there are no restrictions regarding representation, technics or content, however, we encourage that typographical expressions appear in an experimental, progressive manner in a range as broad as possible. The chosen topics will hopefully provide a quite large framework, but is capable in the same time to stimulate real thoughts reflecting our present time’s actual phenomena in the artists’ work.

Invited universities

BUDAPEST METROPOLITAN UNIVERSITY / Institute of Visual Communication
ESZTERHÁZY KÁROLY UNIVERSITY / Visual Arts Institute / Media and Design Department
HUNGARIAN UNIVERSITY OF FINE ARTS / Graphics Department / Specialization in Graphic Design
MOHOLY-NAGY UNIVERSITY OF ART AND DESIGN / Media Institute / Graphic Design Department
UNIVERSITY OF PÉCS / Faculty of Arts / Graphic Design Department
UNIVERSITY OF SOPRON / Institute of Applied Arts / Graphic Design Department