Still life II.

2017, Debrecen

inkjet prints, plastic folie, printing ink

Still life II.

inkjet prints, plastic folie, printing ink
2017, Debrecen
3 x 59 inches x 98 inches

Still lifes only appear to depict objects. In classical still lifes, everything has meaning. Sometimes the image is just a moral lesson, but sometimes it takes on a meaning other than canonical.

A good example is the painting of Juan Sánchez Cotán. The still life is considered one of the most profound genres in painting. This applies equally to the artist and the audience.

Still lifes achieve their effect through the relationship between objects and the way in which they are represented. This work is a series of endless still lifes. It pushes the boundaries of still life in space and meaning, if that is even possible. Geometrically, the images are infinite large surfaces on which the order of objects is not repeated. The space and the light in which they are situated are different in each picture.

For me, photography is not about stopping the moment, much less capturing something. Rather, the photograph distances me from reality because it merely records the light reflected off things. It is a pathetic crutch for memory and imagination. Photography can create masses of images, the same image twice with the same settings. And then you can't even tell which of them was taken earlier or later. Let alone what each picture means.

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